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Posted on September 12, 2011 AT 09:50am

My debut editorial in the first issue of EGM, published nearly a quarter-century ago, was a (mostly) positive review of the state of the fledgling games industry and an upbeat assessment of where I believed gaming was headed.  Back in the days when the NES and Sega Master System were just reaching widespread acceptance it was hard to envision anything even closely resembling the consoles of today.  My glowing predictions of where I believed the industry (and EGM) were headed don’t begin to match up with the reality of where we find ourselves today.

You don’t have to look any further than this past weekend’s Call of Duty XP event here in Los Angeles.  The gathering drew thousands hoping for a hands-on taste of the latest installment of the franchise, replete with everything from head-to-head competitions to Kanye West concerts.  The size and scope dwarfed the first gaming area of the first CES that EGM attended way back in 1989 where Nintendo and a handful of licensees filled an area that didn’t come close to matching the party Activision threw for one game.  Being able to see, first-hand, how the industry has grown is just another perk of being the publisher of the first magazine of the modern gaming age.

Neo-EGM has been an obvious beneficiary of this maturation.  When the decision was made to pull the trigger on a relaunch of the magazine I founded, the core of the business plan was to bring the same level of respected editorial coverage that had graced the pages of EGM for decades in a variety of new media formats.  In many respects we bit off the hardest parts first, completely revamping the magazine to play to the strengths of what print does right while simultaneously creating a new kind of publishing platform to deliver a digital companion magazine.  This sister-title, EGMi: The Digital Magazine, served as the blueprint for what would become the leading weekly game magazine on iPads and other social media sites like Facebook.

But we didn’t stop there.  Subsequent to the relaunch EGM acquired a host of other media assets, including a slew of social media content and an enhanced platform for delivering news on tablets and mobile devices.  Over the past few months we’ve created more than 3,000 news stories that have been syndicated through these assets and are read by millions each month.

Which brings us to this announcement today – the unveiling of the Beta version of our new website. has been created as a conduit to the various online content that EGM has been providing in all of these different formats.  Now you can come to one place to access the digital pages of EGMi, the dozens of daily news updates provided on our social media sites, and read exclusive features and reviews that didn’t make it into the pages of the print magazine.  Plus, you’ll now have an opportunity to add your voice to that of Team EGM with a system that is fully integrated into your existing Facebook identity. is also the editorial home of our daily news exclusives, unique video content, and in the near future EGM’s official podcast.

You may have noticed the word “Beta” floating over the EGMNOW logo, and that’s for good reason.  What you’re using today is just the first step in what will be an ongoing online journey, with new features and design elements added in the days and weeks ahead.  Everything from the expected (adding your own score and review to new game releases) to special features you won’t see on any other website (delivery of digital magazines within the pages of the website).  We’ll continue to tighten up the interface and hopefully create an experience you find valuable.  Game, company, and media libraries will be added soon so you can learn even more about your favorite titles.  Also bear in mind that we’ve been testing the site for some time so if you poke around you may find older stories with janky punctuation or layouts – rest assured that these aren’t representative of the final product going forward but are merely the remnants of our early days constructing the site.

Also, don’t forget to follow our social media feeds to stay up-to-date on the latest news and info on your favorite games and game systems!  You can also like these pages and stories by clicking on the buttons below.

I hope you like the latest addition to the EGM family and look forward to your comments.  I want to know what you like and, more importantly, what you don’t like.  This website was created with you and your interests in mind and we’ll do our part to live up to the premise of that first editorial I wrote in ’88 and deliver on its promise that “The best is yet to come!”

Publisher and Founder of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine.

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