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ADG Plays Attack On Titan “For The First Time”


ADG Plays The King Of Fighters XIV “For The First Time”

The King Of Fighters XIV is upon us and I play it "For The First Time".


ADG Plays Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force For The First Time

Fairy Fencer F has been reborn for PlayStation 4 and I take it for a spin.


ADG Plays Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2016) For The First Time

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2016 release gameplay on PlayStation 4 (also available on Xbox One, Steam/PC) has now been unleashed in a "For The First ...


Behind the decadent glitz and glamour of 1980s Japan lies an underworld of money, sin, and above all else.


Delve into the happiness-obsessed world of Wellington Wells: We Happy Few is available now on Steam Early Access, GOG.


The Rock Evolves To Pokemon Go As Pokerock

PokemonGo and WWE's The Rock, Dwayne Johnson have combined or should I say evolved into the Pokerock.


ADG Plays Romance Of The Three Kingdoms For The First Time

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIII has been released and I play through the first elements of Hero Mode with Liu Bei  and Cao Cao. See opening ...


WWE 2K16 ADG Universe Pre-Show #23: No Respect For Ziggler

ADG Universe in WWE 2K16 stops for episode 23 "No Respect For Dolph Ziggler" and yes it's Rusev who doesn't have it as you can see from the ...


The King Of Fighters XIV: Team South America Trailer & E3 Fights Gameplays

ADG just wanted to get the word out about The King Of Fighters new Team South America gameplay. This new trailer consists of the most agile ...