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ADG Short And Simple Review: Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia

Posted on October 31, 2013 AT 05:39am

Ever wanted insight inside of Capcom’s crazy huge character video game cast. Well, Capcom is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a crazy encyclopedia with 200 plus characters. Is this book worth the purchase? Let’s take a look.

Price: $16.99
Book  Type: Hardcover 7.24 x 9.25 in.
Pages: 208 pages
Published: Oct. 21, 2013
By: BradyGames DK
Target Age Group: 17 and Up

What are the positives of this jam-packed book. They are definitely tons of history, facts (even some you never knew), and other historic information from the wide family of Capcom that includes great game franchises such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Lost Planet, Mega Man, Resident Evil and more.  The book takes you through characters from Ada Wong and ending with Zero. This is a book that will get you up to par on the lore of your favorite games and maybe interest you on grabbing up a few other Capcom titles. I found myself browing through the book putting it to the test but I would end up going back to my Capcom games to play and gaze upon these same characters in action in the games I love.

The bad thing about this book is that some very historic Mega Man bots are missing. While the creators like Dr. Wiley and Dr. Light are around. The lack of character bios from the likes of Yellow Devil, Bubble Man, Cut Man and more classic Mega Man bots are a deadly blow to this book. I mean.. where’s Rush?!

Classic Dante images and all his lore featured in this encyclopedia



The book does manage to give good insight to plenty of characters from many games. I think Capcom wanted to touch a certain amount of all their franchises old and new and that can be seen from new characters like Lost Planet 3′s Jim Peyton to Rival Schools: United By Fate’s Shoma Sawamura.


ADG recommends this book to the biggest Capcom fans that are crazy about the lore of the Capcom universe. If it’s just to learn more or to keep the history near you and with your Capcom game collection. This will be more than worth the money.






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