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ADG Short And Simple Review: Serious Sam Double D XXL

Posted on February 20, 2013 AT 11:13pm

There is always controversy when it comes to a new game especially one that goes outside the box of an IPs usually configuration. Despite the fact that the idea of Serious Sam Double D XXL comes from a classic PC fan favorite people outside of the Serious Sam fans bashed the idea of this game coming to X-Box Live Arcade. Despite numerous upgrades and add-on, gamer’s immediately judged a book by its cover which in life and in gaming you should never do.

We will first look at the games story and features and then your boi, ADG will break the game down “Short And Simple”!

 Serious Sam explodes into the second dimension using everything in his arsenal to battle the abominable legions of
Mental’s horde. Pull the trigger to let the heavy ordinance fly in Serious Sam Double D XXL, a completely reloaded
version of the indie sensation Serious Sam Double D with all-new missions, weapons, enemies, and challenges. Pile
on the firepower with the revolutionary Gunstacker and fire all your weapons at once in a symphony of destruction!
All that stands between victory and annihilation is a man in a T-shirt and jeans wielding a great big pile of guns.
ADG Serious Sam: DDXXL Interview & Walkthrough With Lead Developer Nathan Fouts (contains secret tips and more)

New Features
Two-Player Local Cooperative Play – Serious Sam can pair up with his new buddy Huff to slaughter Mental’s horde together in an orgy of violence and destruction! Gunstacker Upgrades – Over 30 new guns to mix and match in towering stacks of awesome! Shotguns that fire a horde of bees, prism lasers, the return of Serious Sam’s trademark cannon and more! Exclamation point!New Campaign and Challenge Missions – Tackle new missions and take to the air in your very own missile-loaded Pterosaur or roll through your foes on a dynamite-powered unicycle!New and Upgraded Enemy Classes – The new Torcher Kitty, Explosion Eater and the Armored Gnaar are all stepping into the arena to wreck havoc the heroic Serious Sam!

Xbox LIVE Arcade Leaderboards – Post your best scores and times to impress friends, family and enemies and prove to that jerk Dan that he doesn’t know crap about video games!

Sam, Huff, & Dinosaurs! Ohh My!

This game has a basic story of save the world. It works in providing seamless fun that requires some strategy and rewards for those that replay and venture off to find secrets and guns. The story dialogs changes based on character in use or if the game is co-op. Anyone that loves classic gaming and Serious Sam will love this adventure.

Serious Sam Double D XXL w/ADG On Youtube Playlist

My only problem with this game is that their are frame drops in the current build that I thought would be patched by now. I also wish I could connect with my Xbox Live friends and share the fun. Ohh well I can still do that on Serious Sam 3: BFE , which is also available on Xbox Live Arcade if you haven’t copped it yet.

Short And Simple

Fun Factor: 9
Sound Quality: 6
Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 6
Online: The game offers leaderboards but this game is about local co-op and classic shooter fun.
Replay Value: 6
Overall Score : 7

“PLAY IT!” 7/10 Serious Sam fans and classic gaming fans alike will definitely love the fun of Serious Sam Double D XXL.

Now initiating launch trailer and I’m out!

Being a fan of video games, since introduced to him by his brother looking at Combat and Pac-Man on the Atari. AntDaGamer has been in touch with video games, art, and technology. Grasping his hands around several video game related websites and communities such as TGN, GameOn, Twitch.tv, Youtube, and his own site AntDaGamer.Com. Ant has managed to find contacts in the industry and show he has a passion to do anything video game related.

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