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ADG Short And Simple Review: Soul Fjord (OUYA EXCLUSIVE)

Posted on February 26, 2014 AT 02:41pm

Get ready for one funky smooth review. It’s Soul Fjord in the Short And Simple Review. Soul Fjord is a rhythm-based dungeon crawler and a slasher rpg in my book. Fight your way up the world tree of Yggdrasil and reclaim your glory.

In this game you are the 70′s eccentric Magnus Jones. Magnus Jones is no doubt in my mind a cool rememberable character. I hope Ouya takes advantage of this likeable figure and make him the forefront character for the OUYA.

I want to start off by telling you guys the few things that go wrong with Soul Fjord. First off microtransactions are in effect in this game. If you want to keep items you acquired before death you must spend records. You can acquire records through normal gameplay but slowly. If you die frequently you will not have enough to keep your loot. Secondly, when you die you are forced to start over from the beginning. I will say this. It is only 9 levels in this game but you will feel the effects of this choice. You will slowly make your way through by leveling but not without fail.

The things that go right with Soul Fjord is just the characters, the story and the loot. Being able to play this game and rank up find items that are very fun to use as well as helpful makes this game a pleasure to play. From Trolls, Disco Wizards the incredible pimped out Porkback Rider and more. I just loved hanging out in the world of Soul Fjord rocking my green afro. Yes, they are green afros and more styles of loot to customize and give Magnus Jones advantages in battle.

Short And Simple…


7.6/10 !PLAY IT!

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