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ADG Short And Simple Review: Zeno Clash II

Posted on August 3, 2013 AT 07:10pm

Welcome to the return to one of the most bizarre worlds in gaming history. Zeno Clash 2 brings you back to the land of  Halestedom for more first person beat-em up action. Ghat is back but feeling down about having Father-Mother locked in prison. He is second guessing all his actions from the original game. So, in this long-awaited sequel he is punching everything in his path to redo his so-called wrongs of the past and stop Golem from raining the lands.

The story does just enough to keep you playing while the mechanics feel not as tight of what you would expect with this being the second of the series. I’m very sure those that played the last and had expectations will feel letdown. Continuing on with the letdowns, gameplay at times is laggy, sluggish, and topped of with a nice juicy piece of frame tearing. Yummy! Anyone for another helping of Zeno Clash?

The game price is $14.99 on PSN and 1200 MS Points on Xbox Live. In fact at the time of this review, the PC version is on sale  for $9.99. More details available at  . The PC version also has more modes for those that are crazy about the world of Zeno Clash.

The overall presentation of this game is average and to some probably less than average. I just for some reason keep coming back to this game just to see what crazy stuff will go down next.

Short And Simple…..

 Interesting.. 5.8/10

..but not everyone should play it.

Being a fan of video games, since introduced to him by his brother looking at Combat and Pac-Man on the Atari. AntDaGamer has been in touch with video games, art, and technology. Grasping his hands around several video game related websites and communities such as TGN, GameOn,, Youtube, and his own site AntDaGamer.Com. Ant has managed to find contacts in the industry and show he has a passion to do anything video game related.

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