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ADG Short & Simple Review: Halo 4′s Majestic Map Pack

Posted on March 26, 2013 AT 09:36pm

When you have a game like Halo 4 who’s multiplayer is very well known with casual and MLG gaming pro’s, DLC  is definitely a no brain-er. There’s no doubt that everyone knew maps would be coming but the question is what would that be. On February 25, 2013 (yes, I’m a little late), 343 Industries released the Majestic Map Pack.  I’m thankful that courtesy of Microsoft, I can critique this set of maps for you.

The Majestic Map Pack brings to you 3 Maps, Skyline, Monolith, & Landfall. It also comes jam-packed with a total of 10 new Achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore. This package will cost your around $10 or a total of 800 MS Points. If you have the season pass this comes with your bundle.

Achievement List From

Majestic’s main purpose was to create frantic close combat game-play. I’m here to tell you it does just that. The maps each in there own way brings that experience into play.

Monolith is a very symmetrical map that allows a great game-play across several game modes. It was very pretty and have a great landmark in the middle map that consists of a large pyramid structure. I personally loved playing King Of The Hill on this map variant.

Landfall is an asymmetrical map that offers great game-play for small amounts of players or a full fledged 10 man brawl. This map is good for close and long range combat. This map, like all the maps in my opinion of this DLC, the middle building structure pretty much gives advantage tot he game-play. This structure is the center-point to all the areas and views of the map.

Skyline is also a symmetrical landscape that consist of two cells.  This map is my favorite of the three. There is a beautiful view on the outskirts of this map that is very pleasing on a gamer’s eyes. It seems to me that this map works very well in FFA, Infinity Slayer, as well as Capture The Flag. You better grab the center of the map and control it hard though. Usually, that determines the outcome of the match.

All in all the Majestic Map pack is a very good edition to a very good game in Halo 4 (which i realized today I never did a review for, so look out for that too). I recommend Halo 4 players to purchase this pack as soon as they can or go ahead and get the Season Pass it’s worth it after this edition.

7/10  Play IT!

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