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ADG Top 10 Video Games 2013

Posted on December 31, 2013 AT 10:24am

Hello guys! Welcome to ADG’s Top 10 Video Games 2013. The following are a list of my favorite games from 2013 from games I have played. If you wonder why Bioshock Infinite and others aren’t on the list good chance I didn’t even get to play them. Also, I took the liberty for some honorable mentions at the end of the posting. Enjoy!

#10. DMC: Devil May Cry - People thought this game would be the disaster of the year when they saw Dante appear in a new form that even sported a short hair style that wasn’t even white like in the past. Capcom showed fans just how great Ninja Theory and their new vision was in fans hands this past year. This game proved the old saying “Seeing is believing”.

#9. Injustice: Gods Among Us - Injustice: Gods Among Us comes in as the best fighting game of the year and maybe of this generation in my opinion. Myself and my son enjoyed many of hours of just playing against each other. As I sit here writing realizing I never finished the story, the thought of how great the game-play alone is comes to mine. The story is also the best in a fighting game from the chapters I witnessed.

#8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has a very solid unique slasher style. Being able to control every swing of your blade is very impressive. You can slice everything from heads, limbs, watermelons and more. This game wears the Metal Gear title and uses the lore and history of the brand like you would expect. The game also had some pretty good DLC and VR Mission features within this game.

#7. Skylanders SWAP Force - Despite me fighting the urge to go ahead and post the official score of this game due to me not unlocking the extra modes, this is a “PLAY IT”! My kids and I enjoyed the story and have spent the holiday loving the story of the game. The characters are memorable as well as the story. Dr. Kaos evil plan to Evilyze his way to ruler of Skylands is simple yet amazing.  Once you add in the collectibles and replay this game has something for the entire family to enjoy.

# 6. Tomb Raider - I’m late in the game on this one. I didn’t receive an official copy and early this month I finally got to play it. I was blown away from the beginning. The graphics, the story definitely on of the top-notch games of the year. The multiplayer has a few issues but ..bleh it works good enough. Hands down this game is very deserving of an upcoming Definitive Edition remake in the works from Square Enix. Maybe, I’ll actually get that review copy. *hint, hint, Square Enix*

#5. God Of War Ascension Another great game that was hard to put a number to. In fact this entire top 6 was hard to place a number on. God Of War Ascension has been a love of mines since the first. Kratos my favorite video game character of all times returns to his origins in this game. Santa Monica tells us how Kratos began his ascension to immortality. This game also finally brung the God Of War universe to multiplayer. I think it’s the best multi-player in years in hands of creativity. I know some will disagree.

#4. Beyond Two Souls - The best holiday gift I could have given myself. This one stole my heart at the very last-minute of the year and despite me not knowing the ending I know I will never forget this game. Jodie goes beyond not only the soul but the hearts of gamers in this PS3 exclusive.

#3. The Last Of Us - This beautiful yet horrifying game is one of the ages. From the opening cinematic that will shock you and almost bring a tear to anyone’s eye to the violent and gory ways you will finish off your enemies, The Last Of Us opens up the survival format in a way it never has before.

#2. Grand Theft Auto V - Grand Theft Auto V, which millions will say I should have made my number one, is just mind-blowing huge. Just when you think the GTA series can’t get bigger or better, Rockstar proves you wrong. This game comes equipped with a huge world and an extra game , Grand Theft Auto Online. Add the most popular stars from years past, Micheal, Trevor and Franklin in one of the best written stories in Grand Theft Auto history and you got a hit.

#1. Disney Infinity - Yes! Yes! Yes! Disney Infinity is my number one. It is not only my most played game of the year but my kids’ as well. Disney Infinity is another collectible game but they allow you to create your own worlds or what they call in Disney Infinity, play sets.  The world of Disney is now in your hands. Mickey Mouse, The Incredibles, Wreck It Ralph, Frozen, Monster’s University, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Tangled and more. Disney Interactive does not only allow you to make your own world’s but they also tell you a few stories of their own within each play set. This game still has a lot of days in it as me and the family look forward to upcoming toy releases such as Phineas & Ferb this year.

Notable mentions to Deadpool, the funniest game of the year. WWE 2K14 for the best and biggest roster in a WWE Game. Also to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, Call Of Duty Ghost, Dragons Crown and Battlefield 4 who have decent stories but they just didn’t  get added in my rotation as much as I thought they would this close to the end of the year.

P.S. I know I didn’t show Nintendo that much love this past year I’m looking to change that this upcoming 2014 year.

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