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ADG Short And Simple Review: Thief

Posted on February 25, 2014 AT 03:47pm

Product Specifications:

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Eidos Montral
Release: Jan 14 PS3, Jan 15 Steam, Xbox 360
Category: Stealth /Action / Adventure
Platforms: Playstation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC
ESRB: Mature

 *Primary version played for this review PS4 provided by Square Enix for review*

In my mind, this review is one of the most important to my heart in a long time. The reason is some of the reviews near and far on Thief are in my opinion and in good thought pretty much ridiculous. Thief is not a game for some just like any game blockbuster or cult hit isn’t for everyone. Thief is entertaining. I want to say that right out the gate. The purpose of this review is to completely analyze Thief the way it should be. Not going off my personal issues with my playthrough, not going off the fact I have no fan interest in the series, ..just going off what I witness in my gameplay with a solid open mind. Let’s go!

Gameplay wise where does Thief make mistakes. The AI is definitely not smart at times but I was playing on the easiest difficulty. I did some research and Thief does offer a custom setting for players to tinker with. The AI do react to sounds similar to what we seen in games such as The Last Of Us where you can throw a bottle and drive an enemy in a nearby direction. Once again there are times where the AI doesn’t follow suit. Thief as you can see does suffer with it’s AI component so I might as well tell you the guards may not put up the fight or be able to see you at times when they should. The controls aren’t an issue when it comes to the gameplay if its combat or jumping from building to building. The only gameplay issue is the AI. Pro gamers may not find this game much of a challenge.

The story of Thief has a very slow start. It will draw you in after about 10 minutes or so of gameplay. The story is entertaining in fact when the gameplay is having it’s ups and downs this will keep you playing.

Thief has features outside of just trophies that will bring you back for gameplay. Challenge Mode contains 3 modes. These modes are Chain & Gain, Special Loot Hunt and Chain & Gain Limited. Each offering there own unique style of play for those wishing to have some fun outside the story. You can even choose where these challenges take place. Environments available to choose are Northcrest Manor, House Of Blossoms and Moira Asylum. These areas come available as you reach them in the story.


Short And Simple…

 Believe In Garrett! 

PLAY IT! 7.6/10

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