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ADG’s Epic Mickey 2: Power Of Two Trip To Autotopia And A Tale Of Magical Ink

Posted on November 15, 2012 AT 03:55pm


It will not be long now before Epic Mickey 2: Power Of Two arrives to stores.  There have been a good amount of new information to surface on this title in the past few days and its way past time I gave it to you.

Autotopia has been announced as one of the areas of Power Of Two. Autotopia, one of the old favorite tracks of Wasteland before it was lost in the Thinner Disaster, was thought lost forever. Oswald and Mickey find there way there to find a racetrack cracked and polluted by horrific machines…

Autotopia looks to be an incredible masterpiece.  See it yourself in the gallery.

The Magical World Of Disney And Epic Mickey 2!


Outside of Autotopia being announced, Disney Interactive told press about the “Invisible and Indelible Ink” in the game and how Epic Mickey 2: Power of two will offer a completely different style of game-play. Over the years Oswald, Mickey, and the crew learned how to harness the ink in what they call Inkwells. Inkwells are special objects in the environment that can help that player overcome challenges and foes, while giving him a choice on how he wants to proceed.

  • Each Inkwell reacts to the environment around it, and the player’s choice in that environment. His play-style will determine the two states of the Inkwell.
  • When an area is restored, the Inkwells create Invisible Ink. For the stealthier player, this type of ink lets Mickey sneak around enemies and security devices.
  • When an area is thinned, the Inkwells create Indelible Ink. For the more straight forward player, this ink will cause Mickey to become tougher for a limited amount of time. Not only will enemy attacks do less damage, but Mickey will also not be harmed by Thinner.

With The Power Of Invisible Ink Epic Mickey 2 Will Provide Stealth Gaming To Power Of Two!

I have already got my hands on the game courtesy of Disney Interactive. I will be playing it over the next few days in my spare time and hopefully have the review out the day of release or before. Be on the lookout and remember on November 18, Disney Interactive brings gamers back to the Wasteland with Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two and Disney Epic Micky: Power Of Illusion.

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