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Guardians Of Middle-Earth Battle Profiles: Haldir And Lugbol

Posted on November 28, 2012 AT 02:06pm

It won’t be much longer till Guardians Of Middle-earth will be smashing up arena style battles on your console. Continue to prepare with the latest battle profiles featuring Haldir and Lugbol. Let’s begin with the trailer.





Lugbol Bio:
Once alive, a dark entity has possessed the Goblin once known as Lugbol, now a wight-like being who floats above the ground. Under his dark armor, Lugbol’s corrupted flesh courses with an evil energy, akin to the animating force of the dread Balrogs. Lugbol is able to channel the power that posses him into searing strikes of fire and lightning, and he laughs at physical attacks that turn harmlessly aside on his undead skin. Lugbol is a Wolf-friend, and calls upon those terrible beasts in times of need, or when his sorcery is not enough to turn the tides of a fight.

Lugbol’s Gameplay Abilities:
Ashen Wolf: Summon a wolf that Damages and Taunts
Snuff Them Out: Damages Enemies while restoring Health
Fiery Grasp: Inflicts Damage and Knockup
Furious Flames: Line attack with True Damage and Blind

Lugbol’s Class:





Haldir Bio:
Haldir, marchwarden of the Northern reaches of Lothlórien. As a Silvan Elf, Haldir is granted the great dexterity and keen perception of his people, and can travel among the trees quickly and with great stealth. These traits allow him to appear on the battlefield suddenly and to the surprise of his enemies. In addition, Haldir has had several life-times worth of experience guarding his home, making him an extremely dangerous foe or very welcome ally, depending on the situation. His knowledge of the Common Speech is a rare and useful gift among his people, and his skill with a bow is legendary.

Haldir’s Gameplay Abilities:
Forest Sprint: Movement and Attack Speed increases
Tree Top Ambush: Teleports and Stuns on next attack
Sea of Arrows: Area attack that inflicts Damage and Roots Enemies
Wrath of the Elves: Ranged attack with high Damage

Haldir’s Class:

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