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Interview with Daniel Matias – Co-Founder of Tube Alert

Posted on June 10, 2014 AT 09:19am

1. What is Tube Alert?

Tube Alert is the world’s first application to notify you on your mobile device when your favorite YouTubers upload a video! Add your favorite YouTubers to Tube Alert’s favorite list and when the channels in the favorite list upload, you’ll get notified. You will never miss your favorite YouTuber’s video again!


Tube Alert is an easy to use application that enhances your subscriptions. As all YouTubers know, there are some issues that we can’t stand with YouTube’s way of distributing your videos. What we have created, is an easy to use, FREE APPLICATION that will resolve the sub box issues and notify subscribers immediately after videos have been uploaded. The idea is to create more traffic to channels and allowsubscribers to never miss an upload. Our goal is to help channels grow!


Tube Alert rewards its users with “Tube Points” which is Tube Alerts point system. Every time a user opens the application, watches, shares, likes or dislikes a video, they will earn points. These points can be redeemed for real life prizes in Tube Alerts store.


2. How did you come up with the idea for Tube Alert?

Co-Founder Daniel Matias is part of the YouTube channel “Minecraft finest”. He wanted to create a way in which his subscribers would get alerts in real time when he uploads a new video to his channel. He took that idea further and decided to reward subscribers for being active within channels. As mentioned above, Tube Alert rewards users with “Tube Points”. Every time you open the application, watch, share, or like a video you will earn a point and you can redeem these points for real prizes (the store is currently in development).


3. How long have you been working on Tube Alert?

Tube Alert has been in development for the past six months.


4. How does Tube Alert work?

How to Video:

5. How many people did it take to make Tube Alert ?

Tube Alert LLC is made up of Daniel Matias LLC, My Gamer Tags, LLC & Mobisoft infotech. Along with the founders we have a great team of developers who have worked countless hours to help us turn our vision into a reality.


6. Who founded Tube Alert?

The original founder of Tube Alert was Daniel Matias.


7. Do you have an Indiegogo Campaign?

We are launching an indiegogo campaign on June 13, 2014.


8. How much do you need if you do have one?

We have a funding goal of $75,000. Through our campaign funders can purchase one of a kind perks offered by some of the top YouTube stars as well as great perks fromRazer and Bionik Money.


9. How much will Tube Alert cost?

Tube Alert is a free application available on iOS & Android devices. The website that will be introduced after the campaign will also be Free.


10. When will people be able to use Tube Alert?

You can download Tube Alert now! Tube Alert 2.0 will be available after completion of our crowd funding campaign.

11. Will Tube Alert be just for iPhones or can you use it on Androids and Tablets as well?

Yes, you can use Tube Alert on smart phones as well as iPads and most Android tablets including the nexus.


12. What do you see for the future? 

The future of Tube Alert looks very promising for both channel owners and fans of YouTubers. When we launched our initial version of Tube Alertwe had one main objective; to create an app that would enhance the YouTube channel owners and subscribers viewing experience. The positive response we have received from the YouTube community has been overwhelming but we have only just begun to show the viewers and channel owners what we truly have to offer! We are currently beginning to frame the groundwork on expanding all of our current features in preparation of launching the next phase of Tube Alert.


Tube Alert 2.0 is the future:

Tube Alert 2.0 is going to fully utilize a lot of new, ground breaking features and bring our system to the desktop for our users. Channel owners or“YouTubers” will be able to use this system to their advantage in ways that have never been offered before. Without going into all of the specific details of the system, we are aiming to increase the views of videos created by the YouTubers and allow them to engage with their subscribers on a higher level.


Recently Tube Alert appeared in iTunes top 25 apps at #24. We hope with your support we can bring Tube Alert to #1.  #StayTubed

Tube Alert iOS:

Tube Alert Android:

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