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Interview with S.K. Voltaire at Silent Knight Comics

Posted on June 5, 2014 AT 06:56am

 Interviewed on May 21, 2014 at 11:53 PM

Below is an interview with S.K. Voltaire, lead writer for Silent Knight Comics, a brand new comic publisher in the making.


Joey Iglesia: Where did you guys get the idea to open a new comic book company?

S.K. Voltaire: Well originally the story I was writing was In the form of a script. It was about a team of superheroes but when our executive producer backed out, the director (Frank Ruiz) had the idea of breaking up the heroes and starting a comic universe.  So he founded Silent Knight Comics and a new universe of superheroes was born.

Joey Iglesia: Considering this project was originally suppose to be film, do you ever see your heroes coming to life on the silver screen?

S.K. Voltaire: Of course! We would love that, however right now we’re concentrating on selling comic books and graphic novels. Our universe continues to expand with new and exciting characters each day. Changing the medium for tv series to comic book universe has made the characters and stories a hundred times richer. So although I think the silver screen is far off, I have overheard some talk about ,and seen concept art, a few possible animated series but I’m just a writer, you’d have to ask Frank Ruiz about that one.

Joey Iglesia: As a comic writer, you must have experience with storytelling, can you describe the process when forming a new story or creating a new event in the plot of a comic book.


S.K. Voltaire: Well I have rather unconventional methods. I typically create the characters in great detail first. Their looks, bio, personality, likes, dislikes, love interests, rivals, etc. Then I just create a setting and put myself into that character’s shoes. With an extensive background In acting, I’m good at taking on different personas. It’s like a form of meditation.  Once I’ve lived in that world for a while, I put it down on paper, or in my laptop.


Joey Iglesia: Do you have any tips for other comic writers who are new to the business?


S.K. Voltaire: I think the best advice I could give would be to remember when you are writing you have to have your heart and soul into it. If you force it, something will feel off. When your heart is in it, readers can tell. It affects the quality of the story and the depth of your characters.


Joey Iglesia: Did you have inspiration from any existing characters in DC, Marvel, Image or any other publishing company?


S.K. Voltaire: I am a huge DC fan, but I love Marvel too mainly X-men. I love the X-force. I have been inspired a lot by comics I’ve read growing up, but every hero since Superman has some sort of inspiration, Bob Kane being inspired by Zoro to create Batman.


Joey Iglesia: Who do you think will be the main seller for you comic book?


S.K. Voltaire: Probably our premier heroes, Commander and Titan


Joey Iglesia: When will we see comics hit the shelf?


S.K. Voltaire: Christmas this year for sure. Just In time for the holidays!


Joey Iglesia: Do you plan to visit cons?


S.K. Voltaire: So far we have been approved for Florida SuperCon and we are In talks with ComicCon Tampa and I heard we might travel to Texas or even out of country later this year


Joey Iglesia: Where do you see the future of Silent Knight?


S.K. Voltaire: Hopefully growing to rival DC and Marvel. It has the potential. It’s hard for me not to talk about it, I’m so excited.


Joey Iglesia: What is one thing you can say that readers will love?


S.K. Voltaire: Oh wow, theres a lot. Each character is deep. There is a lot to learn and love, or hate, about them. If I had to say one thing, for me, its the villains. Both DC and Marvel have great villains, but each one of our villains are absolutely awesome. You have to remember that with these other major comic companies they have old characters that used to be cool but now might come off a bit corny, especially on film but we have the amazing advantage of having had grown up with decades worth of examples and inspiration, and that’s what makes us so great. We have an unfair advantage that companies like Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse didn’t have.


Joey Iglesia: Do you guys ever see yourself partnering with smaller companies to get their ideas out there or partnering like Vertigo with DC


S.K. Voltaire: Sure, if one of them was willing to. I could see us doing a crossover. Our universe, though it will be revealed in phases, is as vast as the major comic universes. We have, I think, roughly over 25 heroes and twice as many super villains and we haven’t released an issue yet. So yeah, we would be interested and there is plenty of material to pull from.


-Joey Iglesia



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