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NGames Announces Another MMO “BoomSky” Coming Soon

Posted on October 4, 2012 AT 12:14pm

NGames is well known for their great browser based mmo games. They are not stopping anytime soon. They now announced BoomSky. BoomSky is a strategy-based multi-player browser game, transporting players to the cockpits of of custom fighter planes for adventure.

The game sporting colorful anime graphics, exciting backdrops and interesting content across several modes of play. BoomSky’s keyboard controlled air battles is offering an old school gameplay experience with a new graphical approach.

The game will give games deep strategy with easy to understand mechanics, breaking through traditional gaming modes to create an entertaining and interesting environments for gamers of all levels. The key of this game will come from the customization of your craft, your weapons, and combination of power and wind direction.

BoomSky features:

  • Keyboard controls
  • Customisable warplanes with enhanceable parts, allowing players to create the aerial machine of their dreams
  • Various unique weapons
  • Multiple game modes
  • Strategic PvP dog-fights and unique PvE adventure quests
  • Fresh and fancy pilot costumes
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • and more..





Trinad Keyes, the boy who lost the parents in the war, is fostered by Villa. To thank Villa, he renamed himself Trinad Keyes at 12. He is outgoing and energetic. Now Trinad is enlisted to the army and gearing up for the war.









Villa Nuevade (formerly Villa Keyes), who changed his name in honour of his love of the nation, has been learning flight techniques for years and acquired the certificate of junior pilot. His handsome looks are attractive the ladies, but thanks to his stammer, he often makes a fool of himself and gets teased by the naughty Emma.










Emma, a member of Flight Formation, is the daughter of an engineer in the Nuevade airbase and obsessed with mechanics. Being naughty, she is always up to trouble in the base and making fun of Villa about his stammer. Thanks to Effel, Emma’s messes are always be cleared up in time.











Effel Golan is an intern from Flight Formation 2 and a pretty girl who loves watching clouds. As a newbie, she is always scolded by the team leader but as a beauty, she never fails to win the popularity in the army. It was said that she had an affair with Villa. Effel is very close to Emma, for she loves kids.

As always, NGames promising more on BoomSky in the days to come and they leave you with these beautiful screenshots.

Being a fan of video games, since introduced to him by his brother looking at Combat and Pac-Man on the Atari. AntDaGamer has been in touch with video games, art, and technology. Grasping his hands around several video game related websites and communities such as TGN, GameOn,, Youtube, and his own site AntDaGamer.Com. Ant has managed to find contacts in the industry and show he has a passion to do anything video game related.

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