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NGames Reveal More “BoomSky” Warplane Examples

Posted on October 26, 2012 AT 09:06am

News Source Quoted With Permission From: T-1 Press 

NGames Reveal More “BoomSky” Warplane Examples
Publisher reveals new details and images of warplanes for the aerial combat strategy MMO

NGames, a leading online publisher, has today revealed more details about BoomSky, a brand new strategic aerial combat MMO launching soon.

BoomSky is a strategy-based multiplayer browser game, transporting players to the cockpits of customisable fighter planes as they tear across the sky on adrenaline fuelled adventures.

The game features colourful anime graphics, exciting backdrops and a raft of fascinating content across multiple modes of play. BoomSky’s keyboard controlled air battles throw off the shackles of mouse-only browser-based gaming, lending the gameplay experience an old school flavour with a fresh graphical twist.

BoomSky features many different types of warcraft, from famous air fighters of the past to fantastical creations the world has never seen. Each warplane has a story and background for the player to see, providing an enthralling story driven backdrop to the frantic on screen battles.

Following on from our previous look at some of the devastatingly powerful aircraft, below are a few more examples of the many warplanes available in BoomSky:

1. Flying Container 

This delightful container with balloons attached not only contains the dreams of children, but some amusing ways to damage enemy aircraft.

Scissors: Throw scissors that will stick in the enemy after impact

Cell Phone: Throw a phone that at the enemy warcraft

2. Iron Man 

Tony Stark’s high-tech supersuit is a masterpiece with many powerful weapons. Also, it’s Ironman and therefore it is awesome.

Shoulder Gun: Fires strings of bullets with a high critical hit rate

Cannon: Summons a cannon to fire one powerful, unblockable attack

3. Pirate Ship 

Yarrr, this be a ship with a cute alpaca on the prow, me-hearties. It leads crews with magical abilities as they sail through the Grand Line.

Santoryu: Zoro flies out and slashes the opponent

Rubber Hammer: Press Space to recharge and Luffy will deliver a fatal punch.

NGames will be revealing more information on BoomSky in the run up to the games release.

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