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One Piece Upgrades Now Available To Swag Out Your Pockie Pirates

Posted on September 29, 2012 AT 12:43am

NGames, a leading online publisher, has today announced a stylish new update for One Piece inspired MMORPG, Pockie Pirates.  You need that swag for your characters. Well now all classes will have a piece from One Piece anime to style with.

Just yesterday the swashbuckling, now One Piece swagging, MMORPG introduced a line of One Piece upgrades and improvements. Questing to become the “King of the Pirates” has never been better.

Each gender has four character classes: Doctor, Sniper, Navigator, and Swordsman. Each of these have been recreated based on the famous On Piece character appearances.

Now, the male version of the Doctor draws inspiration from Megaro – the beloved pet of Mermaid Princess, Shirahosi – adopting shark like features. The female variant is modelled on Trafalgar Law – the Surgeon of Death, who carries the symbol of the doctor in the form of a cross-shaped sword.

Beautiful One Piece mermaid, Shirahosi, is the striking new image of the female Navigator, while the male equivalent is modelled on the exotic and noble CP9 Rob Lucci.

Franky, who terrifyingly integrates both body and weapons together, now represents the male Sniper class. The winged Skypiea residents take the place of the female form – antennas included.

The male Great Swordsman is based on the powerful Santoryu Zoro, while the female version rides the lovable Lapahn from Drum Island into battle – wielding a total of four swords at once.

New battle effects have been introduced to complement the updated characters, coupled with an improved, user-friendly UI, making the battlefield more exciting and intuitive to command than ever before.

A host of gameplay refinements inspired by community suggestions have also been put in place to further improve the experience, including the ability to initiate boss battles with a single click, a rebalancing of the notoriously tough Impel Down challenge, and revamped tournament rules. Finally, a newbie friendly NPC known as Chopper has been added to the game, who smooths the learning curve by instructing players on how to earn vital resources, such as Silver, Vitality, Gold, and Prestige, at the beginning of their adventure.

The new, One Piece inspired version of Pockie Pirates is available now. Join the race to become the King of the Pirates by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321 today:


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