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PixelBot Games~ PC and Mac

Posted on August 13, 2014 AT 07:45pm


1. What is PixelBot Games?
   PixelBot Games is an independent hobby game developer based primarily in Washington, DC with some reach into PA and NY.

2. Who is the Founder?

  PixelBot Games was founded by Craig Stevenson and Rob Hafey who had the idea to spend their fleeting free time on a game idea. 

3. How long has PixelBot Games been in the making?

During their day jobs, Rob and Craig spend their time making games that educate medical professionals. In their off hours, they felt the need to be a bit more creative. PixelBot Games was born out of the desire to create unique gameplay experiences that are driven by fun, collaborative designs. Striking out on your own as an indie is a risky, expensive endeavor. After realizing that we couldn’t risk putting our lively hoods in jeopardy, Craig and Rob came up with PBG’s unique production model. Take our small nugget of an idea and build it out into a playable demo. Promote and encourage feedback from the community on what they like and don’t like. Iterate that and build again. Each build we make goes out to our fans. They get a great FREE scaled experience, we get vital playtesting feedback. Once PBG and our fans are satisfied, we’ll begin full scale production on a retail version of our game, CANARI. While we may not produce content as fast as other full time studios, we work our butts off while balancing our personal lives. Our game is a labor of love. PBG works at nights and on weekends without a budget to build these experiences. Without our families support, this wouldn’t be possible. We hope the industry sees our passion and it takes us to new places.

4. What console is it for?
  The CANARI gameplay demo will be available for PC and Mac. In order to get a copy of the demo we ask players to sign up and become a Pixelbot! It will give you access to the demo for download, keep you informed of any new builds, and we are planning a special exclusive in the retail version for anyone who was a Pixelbot and gave feedback. Players can sign up at our booth #473, on ourfacebook page, or websiteFollowing us on twitter is also a great way to get the most up to date news from us. Once we are a bit further in production, we would like to expand to Steam and eventually, in the retail version PS4 and Vita. You can check out our Steam concepts page here.

5.  How many do you have working for you?

  Craig is PBG’s Game Designer while Rob handles all the programming. PBG has grown to include three artists, Tariq Lateef, Nate Ten, and Kevin Appel. Our art team wears a lot of hats ranging from 3d modeling, texturing, user interface art, and concept art. We are currently looking for sound designer/composer talent to add to our team.

6. How far a long are with the game?

  If you happen to be attending VGU-Con you will be the first to get to try the Gameplay Demo of CANARI. It represents a small fraction of what we have in the works. The current version of the game includes three levels, one weapon type, and three different types of equipment. In the full version, we have plans for five weapon types, many more equipment types, and a hybrid of procedural and hand crafted levels somewhere in the range of 40 levels. But all of that is subject to change based on what our PixelBots want most out of the game. We’ve also talked about creating new modes including local co-op and competitive multiplayer. Demoing the game live will inevitably bring out a few bugs. Once those are squashed we are planning on sending out downloadable copies of the demo to our PixelBots in early September.

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