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Rift Celebrates Halloween With Autumn Harvest

Posted on October 16, 2013 AT 07:53pm

Trion Worlds ushers in the fall season with The Realm of Autumn Harvest – introducing Halloween Rifts, the Black Garden Monster Mash and…ninja costumes!
Prepare to suit up in your favorite costume as RIFT welcomes the return of Autumn Harvest just in time for the season’s spooky festivities. With Halloween just around the corner, join in on the frightful fun now through November 4th and celebrate the season’s tricks and treats. Don’t fret if haunts and horrors aren’t for you – RIFT‘s Autumn Harvest is also a time to gather ingredients for the annual making of mead, seasonal treats, and other holiday specialties for the upcoming year.
Whether you traverse your way to the Fae’s Realm of Autumn Harvest, wage battles in Halloween-themed rifts, or fight your way through Black Garden, rare loot and seasonal items await in all nooks and crannies of Telara during this year’s harvest.
Autumn Harvest Key Features:
  • The Realm of Autumn Harvest

The Fae’s enchanted hideaway returns along with all the loot, artifacts, and other prized items they’ve “borrowed” from Telara. Portals across Mathosia will transport you to the Realm – and the spoils that await.

  • Halloween Rifts

While battles still rage in the elemental planes, Autumn Harvest brings a limited-time Halloween-themed rift complete with pumpkins (of both the safe and dangerous varieties).

  • Black Garden Monster Mash

The Monster Mash Black Garden Warfront is back, along with a 50% bonus to Prestige and 100% bonus to Favor, Notoriety, and XP from Oct. 17 – Nov. 4! Join the fight in Black Garden, where each team will morph into creatures befitting the month and duke it out with abilities both known and new.

  • Rare Loot

Stock up on Autumn Eyes reward potions to reveal invisible artifacts including some super-rare sets that are coveted among the community. Earn special reward tokens (good for rare loot) for helping Atrophinius and the Fae, and yes: Spectral mounts are back!

  • New Items in the RIFT Store

A host of new outfits and items will be available in the RIFT Store to celebrate Autumn Harvest. We’ll have Halloween masks, limited-edition grab bags and supply crates, a new Dimension plus Dimension items, ninja costumes, and more.


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