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Short And Simple Review: Deadlight PC

Posted on October 28, 2012 AT 01:20pm

Gamers looking for another unique zombie based game should check out Deadlight made by Tequila Works. This is a game previously only available on Xbox 360 but now available via Steam for your platforming zombie pleasure.

The game specs of this game was released earlier. You can see the specs for it here. As you can see, the minimum requirements state that you do not have to have a dual core just an average CPU with 2GB ram and 5GB space. I personally had to lower the quality to the lowest quality to play the the game with tons of space and 12 GB of RAM. Not sure what’s going on there but its just a heads up for those thinking about purchasing please make sure you can run the recommended and not the minimum.

On to the story, Set in a world of chaos of 1986 on the US Pacific coast, Randall is sent on a mission against hordes of the undead in a fight to be reunited with his family. Not only are these guys a threat but the environment as well.

The gameplay is a 2.5 side-scrolling platformer that provides experiences that will make the player solve puzzles to advance and survive. Shadows aka Zombies are what you will be attacking with an axe and more.  Tequila has made the swinging very realistic cause when you swing you get tired.

One Of The Best Looking 2.5 Platformers To Date. Look At The Depth And Crazy Usage Of Space And Graphics In Portion To The Environment.

I can really look at this game and have nothing bad to say about it. The question is.. who is this game for? The game combines Limbo style adventure and puzzles set in a Walking Dead environment. It’s a no brain-er and a great mix of fun and terror.

So  the Short And Simple run down is this..

Short And Simple
Is It Fun? It was in fact indeed fun and rewarding at the same time due to the mix in of puzzles.
How’s The Soundtrack? Soundtrack was great I was impressed.
Good Gameplay? Gameplay was great. I had to modify the keyboard and mouse a little but overall it was great.
Does It Have Good Graphics? I really enjoyed the look of the game. The game has a good usage of graphical space which even showcases a background of incredible depth.
Good Online? There is no online just leaderboards.
Replayability? There are hidden items to find and more. I would say a little above average

“Play It!”
Deadlight Shines Like No Other Platformer With Zombies!

You can also view some more gameplay of Deadlight for PC Here:

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