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Short And Simple Review: Marvel vs Capcom: Origins

Posted on September 30, 2012 AT 02:19pm

Before I start, I want to thank Capcom for give me a chance to review the return of these classic Capcom games which makes up Marvel vs Capcom: Origins. It was an honor.

Marvel vs Capcom Origins has arrived to PSN and X-Box Live. Capcom have brought back the original Marvel vs Capcom: Clash Of The Super Heroes as well as Marvel Super Heroes to entertain you fighting fans. They have added a few features and brought back enhanced HD style graphics for your battles with Venom, Captain America, Spider-Man, Blackheart, Chun-Li, Ryu, War Machine, Captain Commando, & Mega Man, just to name of few in this great collections roster.

Play Video Below For A Short And Simple Review: Marvel vs Capcom:Origins Overview

Back in July 2009, Capcom released Marvel vs Capcom 2 which just like this game offered a classic game redone for online and offline on the next gen platform of your choice. Players even could buy in stores and receive a collectors edition case just for kicks.

With Marvel vs Capcom Origins things have gotten even better with several view choices that even includes an over the shoulder arcade cabinet view. There’s a level system that was also seen in the release of Street Fighter 3 Alpha that allowed you to complete challenges to advance your skill level. This game offers tons of challenges as well that adds to the re-playability for even someone like myself that usually plays offline.

Play With Them All!

There is a great online system implemented at least that is what I seen on the PSN side of things. There are options to even ban certain characters from lobbies that you think might be too cheap for a classy lobby of your caliber. You can save replays and upload them to the server. Take on all your friends in that lobby of your own rules. If you wondering if you can spectate the fights..why yes you can! Just like past spectator lobbies in Capcom games upon entering you have to wait for the first initial match to finish but afterwards the viewing pleasure is all yours.

Play Video Below For A Live Short And Simple Review: Marvel vs Capcom Origins: Bonus Vid: Marvel Superheroes & Training Mode

Now, its time for some negative aspects of Marvel vs Capcom: Origins. Well, the A.I can be as cheap at times as a human player with its spam of broken moves that are in the game. Usually, when games like this are remade they’re balance issues cause originally the game wasn’t designed for the online competitiveness that we have today. So not only do you have to worry about players online being cheap ..but the A.I. as well. I’m not the most pro player of Marvel vs Capcom games but I know move spam and cheapness when I see it.

In final, I will say this…

Short & Simple
Is It Fun? Over half the time. The A.I. can be a pain.

How’s The Soundtrack? As sweet and arcade-ful as the original.

Good Gameplay? Gameplay is fine. There is a learning curve and sometimes it seems as specials don’t activate even when inputting the correct move sequence.

Does It Have Good Graphics? Yes. You can play with scan line or smooth full widescreen style.

Good Online – Yes. This game offers what you come to expect from Capcom Online as well as a new feature to ban characters from your lobby.

Re-playability? Yes..not just because of the online fighting features but because of the leveling system and the numerous characters to master.

Serious and casual fans of the series should “Play It!”. First timers might want to think a little if they aren’t up to a new challenge


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