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Short And Simple Review: Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise

Posted on October 17, 2012 AT 08:52am

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise tells the story of a Bear named Naughty who didn’t get invited to a Paradise filled party. Naughty is out for revenge. Yes, another vengeful party joins the likes of Prince Ash with Hell Yeah: Wrath of a Dead Rabbit and Corvo with Dishonored.  Naughty, just like those guys, will be seeking out several people to get his revenge out on.

Short And Simple Review: Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise Live Impressions

Naughty Bear: Paradise is available on XBOX Live and PSN


The game system is pretty straight forward. I had some issues with the tutorial popping up every minute. Those that watch my personal impression video of the game will see what I mean. I thought at first the game was all simple seek and kill mission but I found out later for this not to be true. Some missions will ask you to approach your attack in diverse ways like setting traps or equipping a disguise. There are tons of weapons to use from the hammer (DLC), rakes, sticks, and more. The weapons are close range to guarantee you get up close and personal with your victims.


The game’s replayability is heavy. With loads of items to find and unlock, side missions, the ability to level your character skills, and more gives this downloadable title incredible replay. DLC is in the works so far planned skins such as Paradise Island Chainsaw Massacre Set, which includes The Bearskin Face, a filthy wig, a filthy apron, filthy trousers and massacring chainsaw. At the end of the trailer for that set is talk of Freddy KruBear. 505 is really supporting this title like no other Naughty Bear title before. There will be several updates according to 505 in the first three months of the game’s release offering a variety of weapons, kills, costumes. There’s even a Bat-Bear(Batman), Scream Costumes, and more.


The presentation and graphics of the game are right on point. The music delivers fun, party music, scary moments, and more to life as you play the game. If you are sneaking around, just been spotted,  all the tunes and sounds do its job of bringing this game to life. It really feels like your are playing a film based game. Naughty Bear seems to have definitely gone Hollywood this time around.

It didn’t take long..even with my failing to know what this game was offering. The game is offering stealth, fun assassinations, and all out comedy. Not to mention all the parody on famous movies the game and  DLC will give players this fall. I think this will be my Halloween game to play this year.  There are tons to talk about on this game but this is a short and simple review so  check out the official website for tons of news and media at http://naughty-bear.com/.


Short And Simple
Is It Fun? Oh Yeah. Grab and kill or just scare them till you ready.
How’s The Soundtrack? Soundtrack is great at setting the mood and more. Motion Picture-ish!
Good Gameplay? Good Gameplay Indeed!
Does It Have Good Graphics? Graphics are incredible. Once again Motion Picture-Ish!
Good Online? The games only online offering is leaderboards but the game doesn’t need it and never did.
Replayability? Leveling up Mr. Naughty Bear OOH MY! There is indeed tons of replayablity in the game and with DLC!

Fans Of The Series, Casual Gamers, Fans Of Violence, People With Humor, Fans Of Stealthy Gaming…
“Play It!”
Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise is a fun murder filled vacation!

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