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Short And Simple Review: Pool Nation Featuring Endurance

Posted on October 30, 2012 AT 10:08pm

Cherry Pop Games comes to the 360 wanting to deliver not only the fun of pool but the challenge and pro aspect of the game as well. The game delivers sharp “pixel perfect” graphics that also wants you to invite your friends to party with you and play over X-Box Live.

The game is probably one of the most fun pool games to date. Offering tons of features that include tournament modes, cups, local play, free play and more.


Endurance mode – Exclusive to Pool Nation, endurance will keep you coming back again and again to sample its sweet, sweet pot-against-the-clock frantically styled action. How long can you last? That’s the question. Will your balls turn black? Or purple?

Pixel perfect graphics – You’ve never seen balls look so perfect and shiny. You’ll find yourself strangely compelled to look at them at the oddest hour. You’ll want to tell your friends about them. And best of all, you can admire them in any one of twelve equally perfect and shiny location variants.

Slow motion replays – Discover the oddly compelling thrills of watching chalk dust at 1/100th speed. Slam into the 9 ball, and marvel at how the cushion deforms when hit. And the best thing – you can save replays of entire matches and watch them back at your leisure. Who knows – they could become the holiday slide show for the 21st century.

9 game types plus tour modes – From classic 8 and 9-ball games, to Killer and the frantic Speed Pool, Pool Nation just keeps on giving. Master each game, then prove your worth in the exclusive tour modes. Can you complete all challenges, unlock all the ball sets, decals and cues, and beat every virtual opponent thrown at you?

Online matches and tournaments – You’re a pool playing ninja. You know it. Your family and friends know it. Now some complete stranger half way round the world can know it too. Take on all-comers in either single matches or online tournaments. Soon the whole world will know the name… MonkeyBoy13q92bW

The game also offers a set of unlockables such as balls, cues, and tournament players that you can face in local play competition. If this is not enough you will be able to in the future use your precious earned Microsoft Points to unlock more features in Pool Nation.

There isn’t much to really say about Pool Nation. I mean its a pool game ; its not like there is much a story to play. You play to win , for the fun, and the bragging rights of competition.

Pixel Perfect Is Putting It Likely! OMG AT THESE GRAPHICS!


The tournament modes will deliver many hours of gameplay alone. With at least 12 matches in each cup with skillful opponents that will make you feel like a joke. I took on some opponents in tournament mode over six or seven times before actually beating them. This isn’t necessary a bad thing.  It makes you a better player, adds a challenge and more hours of gameplay.

I decided that for this review I would give you guys a short video overview of the games features. This Short And Simple exclusive video with Pool Nation walks you through the main menu, the achievements, one of the 9 cups, as well as my final thoughts of the game.

So the Short And Simple overview is this..

Fun Factor – 5
Sound Quality – 4
Gameplay – 5
Graphics – 5
Online -  4
Replay Value – 5

Overall : 4.6/5

Definitely “PLAY IT” Cherry Pop Has The Premiere Pool Experience For X-Box Live!

You can view the launch trailer and previous screens here: Pool Nation Gets You Ready For The October 31st Release

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