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Short And Simple Review: Double Dragon: Neon

Posted on September 17, 2012 AT 09:38pm

So, Billy and Jimmy Lee are two famous brothers who are known for bringing the whipping for over 25 years. Once again this chick Marian is abducted by the evil Skullmageddon and his crew. So, Billy and Jimmy decide to save her instead of wondering why people are so obsessing with kidnapping her. Oh well, at least they have a reason to kick butt again!

 My First Time Playing: Mission 1 & 2

Majesco Entertainment wants to embark you on a new Double Dragon adventure with Double Dragon: Neon that is fresh but reminds you of the old days. This Double Dragon gives you a nostalgic feel that reflects side-scrollers of the past and present. Can you say 80′s , Baby?! This game does exactly that and offers new things to the series. Double Dragon:Neon available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation network offers side scrolling/beat’ em up gameplay for a price of $9.99/800 MS.

The Lee Brothers Doing The Thing: My Second Time Playing

This game is fun but crazy fun with a friend. You can play locally with someone and in the future Majesco has told the press that it will be patched for online Co-op. Sounds awesome!

 The game’s soundtrack is so great that I had to add a new category in my reviews for them. Not only does it add songs but skills and abilities when you find them throughout playing the game. You can take these tunes and even level them up at a Tapesmith to give Billy and Jimmy Lee even more power.

There’s a ton of over 10 levels in six areas, plenty of weapons, power-ups, and incredible features. As you can see with Double Dragon: Neon, you really can’t go wrong.

Double Dragon: Mission 5 Attempt With ADG

I want to say there’s somethings about this game that can be annoying. What game isn’t? The blocking can be hard to time correctly. I’m not sure how I feel about platforming in my Double Dragon. I never like it when they implemented in the originals. Some of the enemies are very annoying, in the way they disappear and reappear and what about those dang helicopters.

Despite all of this, the fun is enough to make it rewarding to go up against these issues and enjoy the game.

Short & Simple
Is It Fun? Yes
How’s The Soundtrack? BANGIN!! With Perks!
Good Gameplay? Yes, The blocking can take some getting use too if your vision isn’t up to par.
Does It Have Good Graphics? Yes.
Good Online ? Ok , I guess. Theres Leaderboards. Majesco will be patching the Co-Op element later on.
Replayability? Little Above Average. Theres moderate replay here but enough to warrant the purchase due to its achievements, upgrades, and unlockables.
With that being said “PLAY IT!” If you love beating up clowns!

Being a fan of video games, since introduced to him by his brother looking at Combat and Pac-Man on the Atari. AntDaGamer has been in touch with video games, art, and technology. Grasping his hands around several video game related websites and communities such as TGN, GameOn,, Youtube, and his own site AntDaGamer.Com. Ant has managed to find contacts in the industry and show he has a passion to do anything video game related.

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