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Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Bible Preview

Posted on August 1, 2014 AT 10:29am

The Ultimate Reference for the World’s Greatest Fighting Game, Ultra Street Fighter® IV from Capcom and BradyGames


BradyGames is thrilled to announce the Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Bible. Capcom’s newest game in the Street Fighter series, Ultra Street Fighter IV, brings new gameplay options, strategy and systems to one of the most popular fighting games ever created! For the first-time ever, outside of Japan, complete hitboxes are included for all Street Fighter characters to show the effect of each attack. Learn the reach and area of each attack to punish your foes. Full frame data allows players to create a consistent game plan for any given character. Gain an edge in all character matchups. This Bible is packed with tips and tactics from tournament veterans for establishing a game plan and following it through to victory,plus damaging and reliable “bread and butter” combos for for the full cast of characters.


Guide Features (9780744015492, $24.99, 8.5” x 11”, 596 pages):

  •  Hitboxes and hurtboxes for every move in the game! The screenshots in this guide show all of the details that you cannot see in the game!
  • Full frame data for the entire cast! Discover the startup, recovery, and active frames for each attack and learn each move’s advantages and disadvantages to get the most out of every character.
  • Comprehensive character strategy! Detailed strengths, weaknesses, and
  • strategy for every character at every range.
  • Reliable and situational combos for every character! Learn “bread and butter” combos for dependable damage at any stage of a match, coupled with combos that take advantage of specific matchups and special situations.

Only the Official Bible from BradyGames provides the ultimate reference to Capcom’s most famous fighting game, Ultra Street Fighter IV. Ultra Street Fighter IV is available at retail on August 5th for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 games and entertainment

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