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WWE 13 Game Coverage: My Two Cents – New WWE Creation Suite. Includes Pros, Cons, And Screens

Posted on October 17, 2012 AT 06:04pm

WWE 13 Does Some Rehashing In It’s Story Designer But Is It A Complete Rehash?

So, THQ released footage today on the WWE Creation Suite. As a consumer, veteran the series and all around wrestling fan gamer, I took it upon myself to critique and study the latest video of WWE 12 Creation Suite, hosted by Bryan Williams. Thank You, Bryan now let’s let the critiquing begin.

Bryan begins by telling us that they they have brought back the color wheel. That is indeed great news. I looked around examined the menu and I noticed they even added a “History” section. I guess now instead of remembering the color number formula you can save it before moving on in your creation. Now that’s pretty sweet!

The color wheel is back with a “History” section!

Bryan moves on to show logos. The thing that bothered me about this is that the WWE Logos had a total of 74. He cycled halfway through to 49 without there being one single new logo. Well that leaves 25 that maybe new ones but I’m not optimistic. I was really hoping for some Attitude Era Logos. While, I can’t be for sure and its all speculation, It doesn’t look that good in that department.

The CAW mode honestly looked to be a lot of the same but as the old story goes if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I just know the fans would like to see more new items especially if they are related to the Attitude Era. Looking at this video, I couldn’t help to wonder if old caw formulas for WWE 12 would work for WWE 13. If that is true, why haven’t we seen an import mode in WWE Games yet.


The Create-A-Arena looked great as well. I couldn’t see any faults too much but there was two things that came to mind. Nameplates are back in more  variety for our arenas but we still can’t create or customize them for our needs. Some of these nameplates have WWE Logos that will not fit with custom arenas unless its for making an arena for that particular brand. Example, if I was making an FCW ring I couldn’t use Capital Punishment nameplate. That nameplate would be for custom Capital Punishment arena’s only. This is where being able to customize those nameplates or just having the background stock of the nameplate in would of been more proper. I also felt teases when seeing the crowd customization. I immediately thought I could vacate the arena, add maybe a Japanese setting, a Tribute to The Troops crowd, or more. I was then kicked in my lower region when told it was just to switch between modern day and Attitude Era settings. These settings are great for making arenas for classic settings but these options would be great for the next game in the series.

Great Stuff But The Crowd Type Teases

Last, I wanted to talk about the Story Designer portion of this video cause it made me wonder about the last video we seen. During the Universe Mode 3.0 video we seen some of the same scenes we seen for Story Designer 3.0. I even stated during my article on Universe Mode about how the scenes from last years Story Designer was in Universe Mode. They have done the same with scenes of Universe Mode being in Story Designer. We saw the Lying, Cheating , and Stealing scene and others during the Universe 2.0 video. I like the idea but I’m wondering how many are exactly new. Are there any scenes that are exclusive to one or the other or will we see the same things in each mode.

Is Universe Mode and Story Designer Lying, Cheating, And Stealing On Each Other?

To wrap things up I included the following pros and cons.

Pros Of Creation Suite Video

  • New History Section
  • Transparency Return
  • Kickpads Implementation Redesigned
  • Create A Finisher Is Now Special Mode *You can now make finshers in signatures*
  • Package Piledriver Is In Special Mode By Fans Request
  • 7 Pages Of Special Move Names
  • Over 300 New Moves
  • Ablity To Edit Limb Target Moveset
  • New Limb Target Moves
  • New Story Designer Cutscenes
  • Ability To Customize Arena Stage Entrance
  • Ability To Customize Arena Venue Size
  • Ability To Customize Crowd Type
  • New Items for Ring Area
  • Ability To Control The Arena Lighting
  • Over 50 Nameplates In Create-A-Arena
  • Custom Arena Usuable Online
  • Ability To Cut Weight Detection On Or Off
  • Ability To Change The Matchup Difficulty From Matchup Screen Instead Of Match Options

Neutral Yet Concerning Aspect Of The Creation Suite

  • Some scenes from Story Designer seen to be from last years and this years Universe Mode *not exactly bad but scary*

Negatives Of The Creation Suite Video

  • Seems as if not many New Logos or Attitude Logos are in
  • Match Nameplates In Create-A-Arena Aren’t Editable
  • Looks as if Most of or Least the Default Creation Face Skins Haven’t Changed

In final, I love WWE 13 for what I seen. The things mentioned in here is to better the series past 13 and give THQ insight on the game’s next direction. I also this will inform and open you guys deeper inside the video.

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