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WWE 13 Roster Coverage: Yes! Yes! Yes! Edition

Posted on October 2, 2012 AT 08:47pm

Welcome to more roster coverage with WWE 13 and your boy, ADG aka AntDaGamer. We have a good update this week one that includes my coverboy of the week Daniel Bryan, John Cena (Basic Thuganomics Style), Attitude Era Kane, Rated-R Lita, Justin Gabriel, Paul Wight (WWE Debut Big Show), Jack Swagger, Hunico, and Shawn Micheals.

I wanted to feature Daniel Bryan this week cause he is one of the best superstars in today’s era. I know the game has been highlighted for mainly attitude stars but this week here at EGM with your boy ADG, we are focusing on the current unbelievable talent.  That is why we are calling this edition “Yes!, Yes, Yes!” in honor of his breakout phrase that is now currently changed to his heel gimmick of “No!, No!, No!”. I’m sure one day Yes!, Yes!, Yes! will return but for now AJ Lee, Daniel Bryan’s Former Fiance, will bear the right to shout it alone. Plus, In WWE 13 his entrance by default it’s Yes! Yes! Yes!. Sorry, heel fans. There is always next year.

D. Bryan vs Bret Hart!


Daniel Bryan


HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 210 lbs.
FROM: Aberdeen, Wa.
SIGNATURE MOVE: “No!” Lock Formerly known as the Yes Lock..and earlier than that Lebel Lock
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: World Heavyweight Champion; United States Champion; 2011 SmackDown Money in the Bank winner


Daniel Bryan struck on the seen during NXT, which if you want you can revisit if you want.  His manager,The Miz who said Daniel Bryan would never be anything in the WWE.  Micheal Cole had his issues with Daniel Bryan as well leading up to him being attacked by Daniel Bryan and till this day the two don’t completely see eye to eye.


Daniel Bryan has gave us many moments from NXT to his short reign with The Nexus to becoming World Heavyweight Champion only to lose in historic 18 seconds time to Sheamus at WrestleMania XXVIII . His memory of choking out announcer,Justin Roberts will be embedded in our memories forever. With his relationship with AJ Lee,  incredible matches with CM Punk, creating a new championship Tag Team with Kane, Daniel Bryan is one of WWE’s greatest talents. Now in WWE 13, we can live all those memories and create even more.

You can view Daniel Bryan WWE 13 entrances, finishers and bio over at WWE Games official website as well as a batch of new superstars indicated below.

Being a fan of video games, since introduced to him by his brother looking at Combat and Pac-Man on the Atari. AntDaGamer has been in touch with video games, art, and technology. Grasping his hands around several video game related websites and communities such as TGN, GameOn, Twitch.tv, Youtube, and his own site AntDaGamer.Com. Ant has managed to find contacts in the industry and show he has a passion to do anything video game related.

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