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WWE 13 Roster Coverage: Here Comes The Pain Edition

Posted on October 25, 2012 AT 09:11am

Here we are for another edition of WWE 13 Roster Coverage and “Here Come The Pain” Edition will be the final edition most likely with the game arriving in stores next week on October 30th. Before we begin I just wanted to let you guys know that starting next week here and on my YouTube there will be plenty of media and more. So keep your eyes posted.

Now Here Comes The Pain!

Brock Lesnar


  HEIGHT:  6’3”  
 WEIGHT:  266 lbs.  
 FROM:   Minneapolis, Minn.  
 SIGNATURE MOVE:  F-5; Kimura Lock  
 IRST WWE GAME:  WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth  
 CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:  WWE Champion; 2003 Royal Rumble Match winner; 2002 King of the Ring

Brock Lesnar is a beast among men. Love him or hate him there is no doubting Brock Lesnar is one of the most incredible men ever in sports or sports entertainment. Brock has experience with wrestling, mix martial arts, football, and probably more. Seen in popular avenues such as NCAA, WWE, UFC, NFL, and NJPW, Brock has been an exciting specimen to watch no matter where he is.

Brock superman like abilities has not only won him the WWE Championship within six months of his WWE career but the UFC Heavyweight Title in his fourth profession MMA fight. Who else in the world today can say that done that and that fast. Brock also won the NCAA Division I collegiate wrestling championship in his senior year at the University of Minnesota.

Greatest Of All Time..Sorry GOAT..The Pain Is Back!

When WWE officials saw Brock Lesnar having his way in the college wrestling ranks he was immediately brought in. The Next Big Thing debuted on March 18, 2002 destroying everyone in his path. With Paul Heyman on his side, Brock would win King Of The Ring, defeat the Rock at Summerslam for the WWE Title and become the youngest WWE Champion in history.

A man of Brock’s ability and size needs big competition. He hace faced off in incredible rivalries with the Undertaker. He has tossed Big Show around like a cruiserweight. Stood in the face of “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan and won.

With all thes great achievements not even the great Brock Lesnar can win them all. After a contraversial defeat to Bill Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20, Brock moved on to spend some time in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he would begin a new era for awhile in his wrestling career and become champion again. After contraversy there as well, Brock would drop the title and go to MMA for three years. During his MMA Career Brock suffered a lot of injuries and his health pummeled. This would lead him to retire from MMA.

Brock still hungry for competition even with his body not being 100 percent as it has been wanted competition. He wanted John Cena. So, he went to RAW and shook John Cena’s hand only to hit him with the F-5. Brock would then begin a war with the WWE Locker Room saying he was the new face of the WWE. Brock would return creating havoc with Paul Heyman again. Snapping HHH’s arms with his newly powered Kimura Lock and defeating the Game at Summerslam, Brock decided in his own words ” I’m leaving WWE and I’m never coming back!”.

Well Brock, You are back! You are back in WWE 13! With Universe Mode 3.0 , his match vs HHH doesn’t happen to be his last one. They can go at it again or you can begin a chase to the WWE title. Clash with new WWE Superstars and F5 Randy Orton for prematurely saying he was the youngest WWE Superstar in history during your time away from WWE. Snap the arms of other submissionist like Daniel Bryan with the Kimura Lock. WWE 13 brings the world of professional wrestling to you like never before from the Attitude era to present WWE. Brock Lesnar is on the roster to help you bring the pain to all those eras!

WWE Games also released the following Superstar Bios this week. Be sure sure to check them all out and get the game next week, October 3oth when it releases.

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