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WWE 13 Roster Coverage: Pimpin Ain’t Easy Edition

Posted on October 10, 2012 AT 08:38am

I know you guys are ready for this week’s edition of WWE 13 Roster Coverage. THQ has updated their official website so it is on. The coverboy this week is the Godfather, Mr. Ho Train!

The Godfather

HEIGHT: 6’6”
WEIGHT: 320 lbs.
FROM: Las Vegas, Nev.
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Intercontinental Champion; World Tag Team Champion


Before the WWE went all PG there was a pimp who had ..workers. In fact, Victoria , now TNA star was one of those workers. The Godfather aka Charles Wright is known for his work throughout the 1990s to early 2000′s. He has wrestled under the names of Papa Shango (I hope to have him in a game one day) Kama Mustafa, and The Goodfather as a part of Right To Censor.

Most my know the Godfather from the Attitude Era as being with the Nation Of Domination. The group’s characters who are also in WWE 13 Mark Henry, Faarooq, and The Rock. D’Lo Brown and Owen where also parts of that historic group but regretfully not in WWE 13.  Heres praying for a cool CAS of them or a surprised unlockable. Yes, I know Owen Hart is a definite impossible.

Heath Slater Taking A Ride On That Train

The Godfather has earned a lot of respectable titles. Known mostly for his Intercontinental reign in 1999 where he was suppose to Drop the title to Owen Hart at Over The Edge 1999 but Hart died before the match. Also known for his reigns in the WWE Tag Team division with Bull Buchanan as the Right To Censor and champions. He also had notable tag teams with Val Venis, Mark Henry and more.

WWE 13 wouldn’t be complete with Attitude without The Godfater. Contraversal probably not suitable for today’s PG audience but none the less he left his mark and will do so again with WWE 13.

Don’t forget WWE Games has released more than just The Godfather. This week’s Batch includes John Laurenitis, Kane,  Santino Marella, X-Pac, Kane, Dude Love, The Bellas, and Alberto Del Rio. So Check Out Their entrances and finishers. As always, there’s a gallery for you guys here as well.

Honorable Mention To John Laurenitis Who Was Almost My Coverboy For Pimping Out People Power.

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