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THE BUZZ: Halo franchise development director Frank O’Connor has revealed that Halo 4 runs at a native 720p and cleared up some concerns regarding the game’s perk system.

The Halo franchise has been dogged by constant jibes over the games not running at 720p, and following this week’s Halo 4 footage one NeoGAF poster wrote: “… looks like it’s sub-HD still, hopefully no lower than Reach.”

To which O’Connor replied: “It is native 720p.”

He also revealed that Halo 4 shares absolutely no engine technology with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

“It shares no engine tech with Anniversary,” O’Connor said. “Almost every single system, audio, rendering, lighting, you name it, has been either radically overhauled or rewritten from the ground up.”

“At this point saying it’s based on a previous version of the engine basically speaks to a few pieces of code.”

Finally O’Conner addressed concerns over the apparent inclusion of a perk system in Halo 4.

“There aren’t ‘perks’ in the game as being described here,” he said. “And classic Halo is still there. But there are things we will be rolling out soon to put all of this discussion in a much better perspective and I suspect calm frayed nerves.”

“We didn’t mention them. That’s why I put it in quotes. That term was coined by someone else to interpret stuff they saw in the UI. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and to be expected during announce fervor. And yes, it’s partly our fault since we’re rolling out more information about this stuff at a later time,” he concluded.

EGM’s TAKE: Native HD is a massive step forward for the Halo franchise, and should help add the visual fidelity that the series needs in order to compete with the slew of shooters that have appeared since Reach. The perk system seems a little dodgy at the minute, as in it doesn’t seem to actually be one. It appears that the system is similar to Reach where each class has a separate ability. If this is the case then fans have nothing to worry about, but expect more details to be shared soon.


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