THE BUZZ: If you can’t wait until February 14 to get your hands on the Mass Effect 3 demo, then we have you covered with 50 minutes of footage.

A YouTube user has uploaded a play through of the first and second missions available on the demo. A few select fans managed to win early access to the demo this weekend thanks to Microsoft and BioWare. According to BioWare’s press release, the single-player portion features two areas: “The opening level featuring the Reaper attack on Earth, and a level further into the game where Shepard travels to an alien home world to seek their assistance in the war effort.”

Co-op multiplayer covers two maps, Slum and Noveria, and will be available to Battlefield 3 players from February 14, with everyone else having to wait until February 17.

EGM’s TAKE: That’s a lot of Mass Effect 3 goodness for fans who are craving more Commander Shepard action, however most of you will probably want to wait until Tuesday so you can play the demo yourself. We watched the opening few minutes just to get me back into the Mass Effect mood, as it’s been a couple years since we completed the second and (Spoiler Alert) managed to keep the whole team alive during the suicide mission. If you plan on watching the videos do it quickly because they may get taken down soon.

Are you excited for the Mass Effect 3 demo? Leave your comments below.


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