THE BUZZ: Aksys Games today announced that they’ll be publishing Shifting World for the 3DS, an interesting new puzzle game.

Developed in conjunction with Fishing Cactus, Shifting World is based on Shift, an award-winning series of Flash-based projects created by Armor Games. For the 3DS version, a host of new features are being integrated, such as the more stylish art style, 3D visuals, and not only a level editor, but also a level generator that constructs new challenges by taking photos of DataMatrix bar codes with the 3DS’ camera.

Shifting World will hit in 2012.

EGM’s TAKE: Adventure puzzle games are a very interesting genre. There seems to be two constants to such titles: they typically have unique visuals (Exit also instantly comes to mind), and they’re often either a lot of fun or quickly turn borning without a lot of in-between. The problem is finding that balance of challenge and gameplay that keeps things interesting all of the way through the game—if that’s lacking, it can be killer for such games.

Not having tried any of the previous Shift games myself (outside of about a minute or so in order to get a hang of the basics of gameplay), I look forward to finally giving the franchise a shot. If Shifting World turns out to be an enjoyable mental challenge, it’ll be a nice addition to a platform that doesn’t have too many major offerings in that genre just yet.


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