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Despite the ridiculous amount of success the Ouya console has enjoyed in its $5 million Kickstarter run, critics of the system claim that there’s no way to mass produce something that cheap cost-effectively. But Ouya has a “secret weapon” in their ranks that claims it won’t be so difficult.

That weapon is a man named Muffi Ghadiali, who knows a thing or two about mass producing high-tech products. Prior to joining the Ouya team, Ghadiali was the head of Lab126, a division of Amazon that produced the Kindle line of tablets, and Ghadiali is bringing that experience and product knowledge into the Ouya factory and design studio.

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman made the announcement in a Kickstarter update, where Ghadiali outlined his team’s plans:

So here’s what we’re doing now…

  • Developers, we’re working to get an SDK in your hands as fast as we can, please be patient. It will be pretty simple to start, using the existing Android SDK and adding the ability to promote your game, and to charge OUYA customers. We’ll add to it as we go.
  • We’re getting our ducks in a row on the hardware production. NVIDIA is helping us with production designs, and selecting the right device manufacturer. We’re in talks with a few manufacturers. I was just playing with our circuit board yesterday.
  • NVIDIA is also helping us maximize the performance of our Tegra 3 chips — they’ll work even better than the demos you see online. We’ll be able to support some intense games.

And we heard your feedback: yes, yes, we’ll add an Ethernet jack. We have a lot of consoles to make, so I wouldn’t expect too many more changes to the spec.

Extremely ambitious, but everything seems like it’s on the right track so far. From the sound of it, the console is exiting its prototype phase pretty soon, so it’ll be interesting to see a final product.

If you’re a developer who’s looking for work, Team Ouya is also searching for some talented hands to pick up the workload. Ouya’s Kickstarter still has about 20 days to go.

Source: Kickstarter