Taking a page from Apple’s Game Center and Microsoft’s Xbox Live, Amazon is in the process of adding an achievements system and online leaderboard support for the Kindle Fire as soon as this July. Although the numbers aren’t impressive in comparison to the older and more expansive App Store, Amazon’s own app network currently hosts over 43,000 Android apps.

According to Bloomberg, the goal is make easier tools for developers to track gaming activity, so that more studios will port and produce gaming apps for the Android device.

To that end, what’s good for Amazon is also good for Google, and vice versa. If the Kindle Fire attracts more gaming developers and inflates the amount of Android apps for Google Play and the Amazon app store, then the rising Android market will directly benefit sales of Amazon’s tablet.

Still, Amazon has to make their custom app selection more enticing, even if they’re essentially riding Google’s mobile platform:

Amazon lags behind rivals in downloadable applications. The company has about 43,000 apps, compared with 4,000 when the store debuted in March 2011. Google (GOOG) Inc. and Apple each offer more than 600,000 apps.

Still, Amazon’s store, which peddles apps built for Google’s Android software, generates more revenue per user than Google’s.

Being able to generate more money per user than Google is no small feat, even if Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. If they even doubled their number of available apps, the surge would be immense for both companies in the long run.

Source: Bloomberg


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