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Sega has decided to delay the Western release of Platinum Game’s Anarchy Reigns.

The game is still on track to launch the first week of July in Japan, however both the U.S. and European release dates have been changed to TBC on Sega’s websites. Platinum stated on its website that the game has been finished and localized, but has no idea when Sega will choose to release it.

“Sega has decided to change the date to TBC. While our work on the game is finished, localised, and ready to go, as publisher, Sega gets to make the final decision as to when it is released. The Japanese release date, however, remains unchanged for July 5, 2012,” the developer said.

A representative of Platinum Games added:  “We’ve got some bad news about Anarchy Reigns to share. As you may have noticed on the Sega of America website, the Anarchy Reigns release date is now listed as TBC. That means ‘to be confirmed’, not ‘to be cancelled’.”

“Unfortunately that means we don’t know when the game is coming out in the West, that’s up for Sega to decide. We worked really hard to make sure that everybody could get the game on time. The game is fully localised. If you buy the Japanese version or any version, it’s going to have all the languages in it. We really wanted everybody online around the world to play together at the same time but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.”

“It is still coming out in the first week of July, but in the West Sega is looking for the best time to put it out. It will still be out there in July. There will still be ways for you to get it if you know where to go. We’re still 100 percent behind the game and we still want to connect with you and play with you and have a good time, so let’s make sure that happens no matter what bad news we get,” the representative concluded.

The game was originally slated for release in July of this year. It seems odd that Sega would consider changing this date considering how little competition there is in the July window. Move the game back a month or two and it’s going to run into some tough competition that will simply swallow it whole. Hopefully Sega will have some more details to share shortly.

Why do you think Sega has chosen to delay the game? Share your ideas below.

Source: Platinum


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