Rovio next big non-Angry Birds release finally has a launch window, as the mobile developer has officially announced that Amazing Alex is coming to iOS and Android next month. Based on the original game Casey’s Contraptions, the intricate Mouse Trap-like levels all focus on timing elaborate chain reaction devices to complete certain tasks.

(Did anyone play Mouse Trap? Am I too old to reference that?)

Along with a variety of tricky puzzles to figure out, Rovio’s announcing a couple of features that you can expect within the game:

  • Multiple Solutions: Much like Angry Birds, there will be more than one way to solve each level, as a variety of Alex’s toys can be used to create different physics-based results in each puzzle.
  • Level Builder: Players will be able to design their own levels and share them with friends, using up to “35 interactive objects”. Hopefully, this is also includes a ranking system and leaderboard to push the best level designs to the top.
It’s also heading to PC later, where you can likely expect to see it on Steam, Google Chrome, and bunch of other distributors.

Check out the short teaser trailer below, which criminally shows us not one single second of gameplay that we can all collectively drool over. Rovio, you’re such a damn tease.

Source: Rovio


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