THE BUZZ: Alex Hutchinson, creative director on Assassin’s Creed III, has shared his thoughts on the game’s new hero Connor.

Hutchinson stated that the team wanted a fresh character for ACIII, with more depth for the creative team to work with.

“Altair is an assassin who’s driven by duty, Ezio is a character driven by revenge. We wanted someone who was fresh. We wanted a character who was more earnest, more real, a character with more depth,” he told OXM. “You will go from his birth, through the motivating factors that drive him to join the Assassins, through the American Revolution and finally to a resolution.”

Connor’s story will not only revolve around defeating the Templars, but will also look into his relationship with his own people.

“Not only is he trying to help the Assassins defeat the Templars, but he’s trying to save his own people and give them a place in the new America. It’s an endeavour that’s doomed to failure, of course,” Hutchinson said.

EGM’s TAKE: After three games following the story of Ezio it was time for something new. There were many similarities between Ezio and Altair, so the team needed the new hero to be unique. We’re not quite sure what kind of character Connor, also known by his birth name of Ratohnhaké:ton, will turn out to be, or whether he will even be liked by fans. He has some big shoes to fill as the lead of Assassin’s Creed , if the team get’s his personality wrong even slightly then it could ruin the whole experience. October can’t some quick enough.

Do you like the look of Connor? Will you miss Ezio? Leave your thoughts below.

Source: OXM


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