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Battlefield 3


THE BUZZ: Battlefield 3 is set to receive three downloadable content packs starting this June.

Similar to Back to Karkand, each of the packs will offer new maps, weapons and vehicles.

The first DLC will be known as Close Quarters and the maps will focus on indoor infantry only maps with multiple combat levels. It will feature four new maps, 10 new weapons and is set to release a week early on PlayStation 3.

One of the maps is known as Ziba Tower and is set in an office block with plenty of glass to shatter.

The second add-on is called Armored Kill and will focus on tank combat. The DLC will include the game’s biggest map to date and adds a new vehicle. No release date was given.

Finally there’s End Game, which is scheduled to ship next winter. DICE is not giving anything away about this one.

EGM’s TAKE: Well DICE made us wait for it, but we finally have some DLC announcements. Fans are going to pleased especially at the thought of three new map packs heading their way. We like the sound of close quarters, it can get a bit annoying when someone is constantly driving around in a tank and blasting you into pieces before you even know what’s going on. We look forward to smashing lots of glass and admiring the power of Frostbite 2.

The thought of the game’s biggest map to date is pretty scary considering how big some of them already are, but it’s a good thought at the same time. End Game peeks the most interest as DICE is keeping incredibly quiet about it. Just how will the team round out this trilogy of DLC?

What do you think of the new content? Let us know in the comments below.


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