Battlefield 3


Hazard Cinema and Boo are back with more of the Battlefield 3 community’s top plays. Find out what crazy play takes this episode’s top spot. The skill on display in this video is insane, these players make me feel really inadequate and I’m not even that bad.

For instance, how can someone be so accurate with a Magnum? He/She doesn’t even get shot once while taking out five enemies from close range. If it were me I’d have missed at least three shots on each player before getting a headshot myself.

This episode’s number one play is my all-time favorite. How on earth he managed to get that high of a killstreak using defibrillators is beyond me. You have to see it just to believe it. The sad part about the play is it shows just how stupid some Battlefield players can be, when several people disappear on your mini-map it’s usually a signal to see what’s going on–not for this team.

Which was your favorite play this episode?


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