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A document has been discovered today that seems to give a full rundown of EA and DICE’s heavily-rumored premium Battlefield service.

The full document (found via NeoGAF) can be seen below, but here’s a few quick notes on what it covers. Containing “a staggering amount of new and themed content”, membership in Battlefield 3 Premium will come with a one-time charge of $49.99.

As part of Battlefield 3 Premium, you’ll get access to all future Battlefield 3 expansion packs two weeks early, exclusive in-game items, the ability to reset your stats (such as Score/Minute, Kills/Deaths, and Wins/Losses), unique events (such as member-only Double XP weekends), and a variety of content to give you tips and strategy guides.

No doubt EA will be unveiling Battlefield 3 Premium at their E3 press conference on Monday, as the document lists the service as launching on June 4th for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC players.

The full list of content is as follows (according to the document):

  • 2 weeks early access to all future Battlefield 3 expansion packs, starting with Battlefield 3: Close Quarters
  • Unique in-game knife
  • Unique in-game dog tags
  • 10+ unique soldier camos
  • Unique weapon camos
  • Stats reset feature
  • 10+ unique Platoon emblem decals
  • Increased Platoon emblem layers
  • Server queue priority
  • Save up to five of your favorite Battle Reports
  • 5+ unique Assignments
  • Exclusive events
  • Exclusive Double XP weekends
  • Exclusive videos
  • Strategy guides
  • Additional bonus content

So—what do you think about all of this? Not being a Battlefield 3 player myself, I can’t exactly speak to the overall value of this package. I do, however, find the idea of being able to reset your stats a little odd. Is an option like that a good idea?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: NeoGAF


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