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Release Date: October 25, 2011

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Battlefield 3′s Tanks Will Regenerate Health…?

Posted on September 2, 2011 AT 12:00am

In an eyebrow-raising twist, DICE released more information in regards to the vehicles in their upcoming sequel, Battlefield 3. Of the many interesting bits of intel on their highly-anticipated title, the most prominent has to be regenerating tank health. 

Taken from the official DICE blog:

If you back up and take cover, you give yourself a chance to let the vehicle armor recover, just like your soldier heals up when going into cover. This is a new feature in Battlefield 3 where lightly damaged vehicles recover their armor after a set amount of time (if kept away from enemy fire). Instead of promoting a gung-ho attitude at all times, this means that the driver who keeps his cool and adapts to any given situation will also be able to keep his vehicle in working order for longer. It is basically our way of giving smart non-Engineers a fighting chance to keep his vehicle in the battle.

It should be noted that it was mentioned that “lightly damaged” tanks would benefit from this, but it’s too soon to tell just what “lightly damaged” is going to be considered in the final build. It’s certainly a bit unorthodox nowadays, so there’s no telling how well it will work and go over with the fans of the series.

-Scott Christian

Sources: RockPaperShotgunGameranx

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