That new Ouya console is still picking up steam on Kickstarter, breaking another milestone with over $4,000,000 in funding. Even more impressively, it’s looking like the console has a real shot at picking up some big-name titles for its launch window, as fan feedback has highlighted an interesting list of “most wanted” games.

Per the survey results so far, here’s a list of what Ouya says their backers and fans want most on the system:

  • Call of Duty (Activision)
  • Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft)
  • Battlefield (EA)
  • Grand Theft Auto (Rockstar)
  • Bastion (Supergiant)
  • Timesplitter (Eidos)
  • Limbo (Playdead)
  • FIFA (EA)
  • Super Meat Boy (Team Meat)
  • Mass Effect (EA)
  • Fez (Polytron)
  • Terraria (Re-Logic)
  • Battletoads (Tradewest)
  • Skyrim (Bethesda)
  • Minecraft (Mojang)
  • Torchlight (Runic)
  • Need for Speed (EA)
  • League of Legends (Riot)
  • Final Fantasy (Square)
  • Dungeon Defenders (Trendy)

Notably, many of these seem to be names of franchises, and not specific games. Unless, of course, the team consolidated game submissions from original titles and sequels into a single group. Considering that the Ouya is powered by Android 4.0, it could definitely take some technology wizardry on the part of some developers to get titles like Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield onto the hardware.

If you want to pitch in your two cents or suggest a game that’s not in the current rankings, you can head over to the official poll and make your vote right now. I’m going to just type “Everything Kairosoft Makes” and “Divekick” until my hands start bleeding.

Source: Survey Monkey


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