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Bioshock Infinite Won’t Be Beat With Just a Shotgun

Posted on November 14, 2011 AT 06:31am

THE BUZZ: Irrational Games knows how you like your Bioshock, so they are switching things up for Bioshock Infinite. Ken Levine, in an interview with the Playstation Blog, told them that while most of the original Bioshock could be played up close with a shotgun in one hand and Electro Bolt in the other; Bioshock Infinite will utilize it’s scale to add more enemy variety than it’s predecessor:

One of the first things we did when we started on BioShock Infinite was to draw a graph with y and z axes, and to say that one of those axes was the number of enemies in an encounter and the other was the range of those enemies. In the original BioShock, the entire game lived in one corner of that graph – few enemies, all at close range — so the Electro Bolt and shotgun were perfect. BioShock Infinite is going to have much greater ranges and, potentially, far more enemies, so we’re greatly increasing the spectrum of encounters that are possible, and that requires the player use a broader set of tools.

Ken Levine went on to say that “simply nerfing” the shotgun and Electro Bolt combo would not do. So while closing the distance will work, it may not be as effective a strategy this time around.

EGM’s TAKE: At this point, Ken Levine could tell us Bioshock Infinite will consist  solely of long division math problems and we’ll be still be salivating for it. Still, its good to see that Irrational Games understands that while Bioshock was an exceptional game it was far from flawless. Now Mr. Levine, would you kindly give us a release date?


Source: Playstation Blog

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