Gearbox Software’s Borderlands series apparently didn’t always look as “current-gen” as you might have though, as the developer has released a 16-bit version of their popular series. It’s all free to play, and you can try it right in your browser.

Featuring a couple of new characters not seen in the original game, this fun demake also includes retro versions of Borderlands 2‘s leading characters Maya and Salvador.

As you work your way through random arenas in the top-down shooter, you can gain experience and pick up guns from fallen enemies. As your level increases, so will the enemies in each level, with the most dangerous ones packing rocket launchers and giant flashing skull-and-crossbone icons above their heads.

There’s also plenty of guns you can pick up, from pistols to flamethrowers to automatic rifles.

(But the railguns are the best by far—not only do they pierce enemies, but they shoot through barriers.)

We didn’t survive long enough during our playthrough to see all the baddies the game has to offer, but hopefully this demake has a few massive monsters for some boss battles here and there.

Source: Gearbox Software


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