Gearbox Software loves to cram hidden references from other games into Borderlands 2, with hardcore RPG adventure Dark Souls getting the Easter egg treatment. Here’s lookin’ at you, From Software.

Reddit user recc113 chronicled the find with various screenshots of a campfire setting inside the Caustic Caverns.

Sitting by the smoldering ashes, one can observe a definitive likeness of fan-favorite character Solaire.

He’s labeled within Borderlands 2‘s world as an NPC named “Solitaire”, accompanied by a ghostly apparition.

Footage of the encounter has been posted on YouTube, courtesy of user Rofl316, although there’s no real dialogue to be had here, save for Solitaire’s chilling laughter.

(Another Easter egg has been found by other players, with Minecraft‘s Creepers making an appearance in a secret location, plus some extra character customization options very much inspired by the game.)

Source: Reddit


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