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Listen up folks, it’s time to put on your Master Chief helmet (or at least put that little one on your cat) and get excited, because a ton of new Halo 4 information has been revealed via a quiz on Microsoft’s ExpertZone website, including details on season one of Spartan Ops.

ExpertZone is designed to teach retailers about Microsoft’s products, this particular Halo 4 entry contained several slides regarding the game before displaying a quiz. It’s these slides that prove to be the most interesting part, and LittleEnglishHaloBlog has kindly rounded them all up.

The slides confirm that Halo 4 will include 10 new weapons. Two of these were revealed at E3 earlier this month, The Light Rifle is a Forerunner weapon carried by Promethean Knights, and the Scattershot, also a Forerunner weapon, is used for close-range combat.

Two new vehicles are also being added to the game, however their identity is being kept a secret for now. Also mentioned is “improved support to create, organize and track groups,” could this hint at clan support? The game will include 10 multiplayer maps at launch, and DLC is expected to add more.

Halo 4‘s DLC TV episode-style Spartan Ops mode will contain 50 missions per season, five missions every week for a total of 10 weeks. Each block of missions will be introduced by a high quality cinematic, according to the quiz, and season one will be completely free. “How many games give you free DLC for 10 weeks?” it asks, before stating that the missions combined offer up to 12 hours of either single-player or co-op gameplay. “It’s like getting two campaigns with one game!”

What do you think of Spartan Ops? Any ideas on what these vehicles or other weapons could be?


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