Survival horror thriller Haunting Ground seems to be getting a new life on the PlayStation 3, as an ESRB rating indicates that the game is headed towards an HD remake or re-release. Capcom’s been doing that a lot with their older titles lately, having recently announced HD revival projects Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. for PSN and Xbox Live.

ESRB’s latest game ratings list is always a good spot to discover upcoming titles before they’re official, and Haunting Ground is sounding like a PS3 exclusive from the product description.

If it’s getting released as a PS2 Classic, though, the exclusivity makes sense.

If you go to the official website, there’s nothing different, but it’s still active. You can even watch grainy footage of lead heroine Fiona as she races around Belli Castle trying to escape enemies and keep herself in one piece—figuratively and literally.

So who wants to take bets on when the super-creepy PS2 title gets a new debut? I’m guessing October, near Halloween.

Source: ESRB


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