Capcom fans have gone from pitchfork-bearing rage to a “Cold War-level” grudge over the Mega Man series, or how the developer has seemingly abandoned it. According to a Capcom executive, even a reboot is unlikely.

Surprisingly, Capcom USA senior vice president Christian Svensson himself weighed in on a rather small “Ask Capcom” community forum post—titled “How about a Reboot to the MM Legend Franchise into a new entry in the MM”—throwing in his two cents on why a reboot of the Blue Bomber’s origins just won’t work:

I (and probably I alone so please don’t ascribe said belief to “Capcom”) think one of the problems MM has had as a brand is that we’ve had too many competing splinter sub-brands within it. I’m not sure starting yet another is the way to get the franchise as a whole back on track more than creating greater brand confusion but we’ll take it under advisement.

To date, there are currently seven Mega Man sub-series in the franchise’s portfolio, with only six of them having produced a game with in the last console generation: the main Mega Man games, Mega Man XZero, the Battle Network spin-offs, the ZX line, and Mega Man Star Force.

All those brands alone are a headache to keep tabs on for most fans, but the biggest problem is likely that Capcom just hasn’t seen any worthwhile returns on the investments they’ve made in recent Mega Man titles. According to most sources, no Mega Man game has broken a million copies sold in almost 10 years.

Capcom never released sales info on Mega Man 9 or Mega Man 10—although the company stated that they were “pleased” with both games’ performance. However, the company did go on record saying that MM9 was the best-selling WiiWare game on the network (which doesn’t say much, considering the shallow pool of worthwhile titles).

Source: Capcom Unity Forums


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