As part of Anime Expo, the anime & Asian TV community site Crunchyroll announced that their streaming video app would be coming to Sony’s gaming platforms this year.

Crunchyroll has become a huge online provider for the legal streaming of anime and Asian TV programs—some of which hits the site just an hour after airing in Japan.

At Anime Expo, the company announced that its streaming services would be hitting the PS3 this summer via a dedicated app, with support for the PlayStation Vita then to follow later in the year.

PS3 and Vita owners who download the app will get a 30-day free trial to Crunchyroll’s Premium services—from there, it’s not yet known if they will have options for free viewing up and running at launch, or if the PS3 and Vita apps will be Premium-only to start. (Premium memberships are $6.95/month for anime, $6.95/month for Asian drama, or $11.95/month for a both.)


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