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THE BUZZ: Rasmus Hoejengaard—the director of creative development at Crytek—says that it “would be absolutely awesome” if next-gen consoles block used game sales.

EGM’s TAKE: The war of words over used games sales continues! In speaking to Computer and Video Games, Hoejengaard had this to say:

“From a business perspective that would be absolutely awesome. It’s weird that [second-hand] is still allowed because it doesn’t work like that in any other software industries, so it would be great if they could somehow fix that issue as well.”

While the argument asking if used game sales hurt the industry or not is a very complex one, I’m not sure I can 100% agree with Hoejengaard’s take here. There might not be a lot of used sales in terms of software, but that’s not to say that that industry doesn’t exist—and I’m not sure it’s fair to look at video games that way.

Games are entertainment, thus not quite on the level of the type of software I’m sure he’s talking about. If you look at other forms of entertainment, there certainly are options for buying used—for everything from movies to music to books.

Software is typically about productivity—and the amount of use you get from a particular piece of software can last for years and years. Games, on the other hand, are quite often created as disposable entertainment—buy a game, and then buy the “upgraded” next version a year or two later—no matter if companies want to admit to that or not.

Source: CVG

Source: CVG


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