There aren’t many video game collectibles more sought-after than The Legend of Zelda‘s 272-page “Hyrule Historia” book, a hardcover tome that enshrines the entire history of the franchise within its pages. Originally, it was exclusive to Japan, with the pages untranslated for any other region—but it’s finally making its way stateside.

Dark Horse Comics (or more accurately, their books division) will localize Hyrule Historia for an American release, pricing the book at $34.99 per copy.

It arrives on January 29th, 2013, so there’s a bit of time for you to put money aside and mark the calendar, since this book makes an awesome coffee table addition.

After all, it’s not like another Zelda title is going to release in the interim, skewing the book’s content and making it outdated. If so inclined, you can check out its content with some preview material that can be viewed over at this Hyrule Historia website or Legend of Zelda fansite History of Hyrule, which has some very neat high-rez images.

Source: Destructoid


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